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Woman Shocks Doctors With Incredible Breakthrough After They Gave Her 4 Days To Live


Cancer has taken the lives of many people and has caused suffering for families all over the world. As such, when someone is told that they have cancer, it is never considered good news.
Thirty-five-year-old Ashley Hallford had always wanted to meet the man of her dreams and start a big family. It had always seemed like she was going to have to life she wanted, considering that she met her husband, David, when she was in kindergarten.

They did not stay together this whole time, but they did reconnect at Kennesaw State University in the state of Georgia, and they ended up getting married while they were still in college.
They spent the next year’s getting a house and establishing their careers. Shortly after this, they started trying to have a baby, and she ended up immediately getting pregnant. However, about a month into this pregnancy, Ashley noticed that there was a knot on the back of her head that was hard and painful.
The pain continued to get worse, so she ended up visiting an ear, nose, and throat specialist, who initially thought it was a salivary gland infection. She took some medication, and the lump got smaller.

She continued to take medication for the lump until she was about 32 weeks pregnant. At this point, the lump ended up getting bigger, and she asked the doctor for a biopsy. It turned out that the lump was indeed a cancerous legion as Ashley had feared.
However, pathologists were baffled by the lump, as it was very rare and aggressive, and none of them could diagnose it. At 33 weeks, the doctors induce labor so that she could start her cancer treatment. Her baby, Harley, was born on November 17, 2007.
Miraculously, Harley never needed to spend time in the NICU even though he was premature. This would be only one of multiple miracles this family would see. 4 days after giving birth, Ashley went into surgery to remove the mass in her neck, and the doctors were not entirely successful.
They sent the tumor in for evaluation, and in the five weeks and it took to get the results, the cancer spread all over her body. Ashley was told that her malignant brain tumor was inoperable, and from here, it only got worse. The tumors were both growing and multiplying, and she was told she should take a lot of pictures because she likely did not have very long to live.
However, when Ashley went to the doctor to get scans that next July, everyone was dumbfounded to see that there was no disease present in her body. She had gone into remission, even though this was nearly impossible with a stage 4 cancer patient. Ashley continued chemotherapy for another 6 months no, but nothing ever showed up. Not only this, but Ashley went on to have two more healthy babies even though she was told she would never have children again.
It just goes to show that the doctors don’t necessarily know everything. Sometimes, divine intervention seems to actually happen.


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