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Quartet Start To Sing, But Entire Crowd Burst Out Laughing When Boy In The Vest Opens His Mouth


When four young boys took to the stage during a Christmas concert, the audience were expecting a sweet Gospel quartet. Instead, the audience got a hilarious comedy piece that they would be talking about for days to come.

The four boys, all dressed to impress, stand in a line on the stage, ready to wow the audience with their performance. But they have a trick up their sleeve. As soon as they open their mouths, the audience fall apart laughing.
The boys sang the gospel song in a way that the church congregation could never have expected, with the boy in the black vest especially leaving everyone in fits of laughter. The boys are clearly enjoying entertaining the audience as they sing with big grins on their faces. They have obviously achieved what they set out to do; spread joy and good cheer with the audience.

The boy in the vest’s comedic performance only got more and more funny as the song went on. His voice continues to reach extreme depths as the song goes on, bringing him to his knees by the end. The audience could barely contain themselves for laughter by the end.
Even though the boy’s voices sound a bit out of place, their performance skills are second to none and I’m sure their number stole the show.

Watch the hilarious performance to see what is just so funny about their musical number. If you enjoyed this video, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share with your friends.


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