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Pilot aborts takeoff and mum is forced off – Only seconds later she realises the terrible reason


In the news recently airlines have had a rough time of it, and not without reason. At happiest we try and steer clear of the negatives though, we look for the stories that uplift and inspire to celebrate all the good in the world.
This story shows that some airlines can still surprise us. Just ask passenger Peggy Uhle, who said she’ll always be indebted to south-west airlines for their swift and altruistic actions that helped her through a devastating family trauma.

When Peggy boarded the plane to take a flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, she naturally turned off her mobile as the plane began to roll away from the gate.

She settled herself down as the plane taxied towards the runway, much to her surprise she and her fellow passengers didn’t get far, without warning the plane jerked to a halt, before turning around and abruptly heading back toward the gate.
Peggy, along with the rest of the passengers had no Idea what was wrong, no announcement was made over the speaker system.
Once the plane was back at the gate, a flight attendant slowly made her way down the aisle and stopped by Peggy gently asking her if she would get off the aircraft.

Peggy was confused but obliged due to the flight attendants calming demeanour. When she got back inside the terminal, the attendant requested that she made haste and called her husband.
She discovered her husband had been forced to contact Southwest Airlines direct because Peggy’s phone was turned off. But luckily, the airline managed to get the parents and childhood sweethearts in contact with each other at the very last moment imagninabe.
Peggy soon discovered from her husband that her 24-year-old son had suffered a serious head injury and was in a coma in Denver, Colorado.


Peggy, who was struggling to take in the worst news a parent could ever recieve, was told by a member of the Southwest team that the airline had reticketed her on the next direct flight to Denver and taken the time to arranged all of the other practical details , In addition, had done so for free!

Fast forward to today. Her son has made a full recovery from his serious head injury and is grateful to the airline for making sure his mum was there with him when he needed her the most.


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