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Little Girl Preparing For Open-Heart Surgery Makes Special Request–Leaving Parents In Tears


Her mother Kristy Chiappalone likes to call her little Sophia “Supergirl,” and it’s not hard to see why. The single Connecticut mom raising three daughters is amazed at the determination and spunk of her adorable six-year-old in trying to overcome her “broken heart.”
Sophia is on cloud nine these days and has the beautiful photos to prove it. She has just married her cute boyfriend Hunter at a make-believe wedding ceremony and wore a stunning gown and veil at the adorable outdoor autumn nuptials in Meriden, CT.

A photography company was more than happy to set up a mock wedding photo shoot, and young Hunter was delighted to be Sophia’s handsome groom. Hunter’s mother Tracy Laferriere wept tears of joy, happy she could help Kristy’s daughter make this all happen.

Check out the photos at People magazine. Sophia’s huge smile cannot be missed; her expression says it all.
While most young children might want to buy an expensive toy or visit a fun place and run around before entering a hospital, something else was on the young girl’s mind. When Kristy asked Sophia what she would like before her operation, her answer might seem odd to many, but it was her unselfish wish and purely one out of love and a desire to just be.
Supergirl’s dream was to become a princess and marry her best friend before she has to undergo another life-saving open heart surgery at the famous Boston Children’s Medical Center. Sophia has a condition called hypoplastic right ventricle or as Kristy calls, being born with a broken heart. Medical experts say that means the right ventricle is either too small or absent.
In Sophia’s case, she has been challenged by multiple issues like a ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of fallout and pulmonary hypertension. Her growing heart failure is a reality and difficult for the family to deal with. Kristy is not sure if this is the only time she would ever see Sophia in a wedding dress. She calls her little one “a walking miracle.”

The operation would mark her third surgery, but none of these problems have affected Sophia’s beautiful spirit and desire to live life on her own terms. She has become wise beyond her years and an inspiration to many around the world who have seen the recent heartwarming wedding photos.
A GoFundMe page has been set up here to help contribute to Supergirl’s past and future medical costs. The goal to reach is $20,000, and the family is well on their way. So far, just about two weeks since establishing the fund, $17,233 has been raised. Fans have been donating and wishing the little princess a long and healthy, happy life.
Sophia Elyssa Chiappalone has been a tiny powerhouse since birth. One only needs to look at her Facebook page and a video that shows her taking her first steps. This will melt hearts.

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