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The Length of Your Thumb Reveals How You Behave in Love Relationships


Did you know that size of your thumb’s parts can tell more about your personality?

Longer first half of the thumb than the second one:

You are one of those people who are very faithful and passionate. When you fall in love with a person you tend to be obsessive with that person. It is not unusual for you to ignore work and study while in this state. You will easily go crazy if your partner doesn’t pick up your calls or reply to your messages in time. But you should be careful because you could scare your partner which will eventually lead to breaking up.

The first half and the second half of your thumb are even:

You are good at planning things and activities and always have a specific approach on things which eases your path towards achieving your goals. No matter the situation you are calm and cool. You are the same person in terms of love. You are very objective in judging your partner’s feelings. The emotions cannot carry you away. But this character of yours causes you to move slower in the relationship which eventually leads to a complicated relationship.

The first half of your thumb is smaller than the second one

You are an honest and reliable person. Your observation skills are very good. You think about things thoroughly before making any action. This reflects your love life. When you have a crush on someone, you usually restrain your feelings, You remember faces and it is easy for you to miss the change.

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