Kids Go On Treasure Hunt And Discover Buried Chest, But When They See What’s Inside Totally Lose it


As kids we all played games embarking upon adventures to far off places and searching for buried treasure. And it’s no different for these children as they often head to the park in the pursuit of finding unspeakable riches. So dad decided to make this visit to the park extra special. 

Before their three children arrived at the park to play, dad snook there first and left a big surprise for them to find. Burying a chest full of ‘treasure’ under the bark chippings that covered the playground, he waited eagerly for his children to find the buried treasure they dream about.

Kids Go On Treasure Hunt and Discover Buried Chest, But When They See What’s Inside Totally Lose it.
Using a metal detector, the oldest son wanders around the park for 45 minutes, hoping that today will be his lucky day. His patience pays off as, all of a sudden, the metal detector begins to bleep near the slide.

As their two sons begin to dig up the soil, they can barely believe what they’re seeing as they uncover nickels and pennies galore. They look like they’ve won the lottery!

As the three siblings start to work as a team to dig up whatever is setting off the metal detector, they grow increasingly excited as they realise what they have found; a real life treasure chest. Screaming in delight, the children are ecstatic as they discover buried pearls, diamonds and other ‘priceless’ items.
It’s hard not to watch the video and laugh with delight as the children’s reactions are priceless. Watch the video for yourself to witness their excitement to finding their buried treasure. I’m sure they will speak about this moment for years to come.
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