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Here Is Why You Should Urinate Under Your Shower!


When you hear that you need to urinate under your shower, probably the first sounds disgusting and uncomfortable.

However, after you read the following text, you will see four reasons why urine is good for you.

Let’s start with the first reason is that it actually saved the planet. And that’s because while you urinate in the shower, you will save up to 27% of the stream since it should not drop water in the toilet.

The second reason is that your urine is able to disinfect wounds. Therefore, if you have scars or scratches, fresh urine can be helpful for their disinfection. I’ll clean the wound, will relax the tissue and reduce pain. However, if your wound is serious, you have to call the doctor for medical and professional care.

The third reason is that urine is good for you to eliminate the fungus because you can treat fungal infections of your foot. All you have to do is to apply the urine of affected skin.

The last reason is that urine helps in your skin care. You can treat eczema and rashes with urine as it contains ingredients that are the same as some skin oils and crèmes which regulate the skin’s pH levels.


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