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Firefighters Were Told To Remove Their American Flag, So They Did THIS Instead…


When a group of people is told not to do something, it often makes them want to fight harder to make a statement. A group of fireighters was told to remove an American flag that was on display at their station in Rhode Island. Fred Gralinski is a member of the Central Coventry Fire District. He asked that the flags be removed because they are similar to ISIS waving black flags on their trucks.

After the cmments were made, Gralinski did apologize. His comments were made because of a poor choice of words. The firefighters were hit hard by the words that were said as a large number of those working at the station are veterans. One of the men from the firefighter’s union feels that the station should have been asked in a private manner to remove the flags instead of public comments being made.

There is now a review taking place about how flags are flown in the military. The American flag that was once at the station and on the fire trucks is in the middle of the debate. The flag has been removed, but there is a chance that it could be seen in the near future if the union wins.

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