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Dad Films Son With Downs Syndrome Belting Whitney Classic, Never Dreamt 28 Million Would Watch


They say to sing like no one is watching, and this little boy did exactly that whilst driving with his father. When his favorite song came on the radio, he couldn’t contain himself as he sang out loud and proud. Luckily, his dad recorded the whole thing.

Whitney Houston’s hit song, ‘I have nothing’, is a crowd pleaser. When you listen to the powerful ballad, you can’t help but sing along and feel every emotion in your bones. Dane Miller understands this more than anyone, as he demonstrates in this uplifting video.

Dane belts out as powerfully as the late-superstar herself, gesturing with his hands and portraying the emotion on his face. Dane’s mom said that he fell in love with the song after they watched a documentary about the singer, and he’s been singing it constantly ever since. Whitney would be proud to see his performance and how her music has touched so many lives.
When the Miller family posted their video of Dane singing along in the backseat of the car, they never expected for the video to be so well received. The fantastic video of Dane, who has down syndrome, has amassed over 28 million views. It’s easy to see why, as his spirit is infectious!

Watch the video for yourself to see Dane’s amazing performance in the car, and prepare for your heart to swell to twice its size.
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Posted by Jeanne Miller on Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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